is a division of Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC), a Non-Profit organization in association with several Local and National Federally Registered 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organizations. The “Colorado Housing Assistance” program provides numerous valuable consumer programs, consumer services and several educational programs to anyone wanting and in need of our assistance. We assist consumers by helping them to lower their expenses or to achieve goals like entering the home buying market to purchase a home or manage other of life’s operational necessities.

HAC provides consumers programs and services along with many valuable educational tools and information consumers would need to institute and maintain a good credit history and maintain a balanced budget to anyone wanting to lower their expenses and successfully manage their household by specifically providing, proper financial management.

One of primary objectives is to provide income and credit worthy Colorado Residents the opportunity to either keep their existing homes or become new homeowners. HAC also specializes in working with consumers that have credit issues or less than perfect credit in an effort to provide the education needed to successfully plan for a home purchase or keep their existing homes. Our Payment Management, Financial Management Program and Homeowner Maintenance programs are just some of the other special tools that HAC provides for consumers who demonstrate a willingness to use and learn our programs.

The company’s programs include; Consumer Credit Education, Balanced Budget Spending, Down Payment Assistance, Insurance Savings Service, Money Saving Programs, Professional Services and many other valuable tools and information consumers would need to institute the ability to Save and maintain a good credit history. Our MISSION is to educate and Help consumers manage their Debt and help them Eradicate their Debt.

We know exactly what you’re thinking; It sounds too good to be true?

BUT YOUR WRONG, HAC can help you in your Housing & Financial Needs!!!